Gay/Straight Americans For Political Secularism

The Purpose of this protest is to increase awareness of the intolerance of homosexuality within certain religious groups. Our intent is to challenge religious organizations in politics to the determent of the LBGT community. Facebook! Main Site!!/GSAPS_Protest Twitter!

Feb 27

Feb 22

Feb 14

Feb 7

“But when we first got together, I would have never dreamed in a million years that we would be allowed to be legally married, and here we are.” Terry Gilb 

Prop 8 

Today in California Prop 8, anti-gay marriage legislation, was ruled unconstitutional by courts. The judges reported it serves no purpose but to “lessen the statue and human dignity” of gays. 

Feb 2

New Jersey!

BREAKING: The NJ Assembly Judiciary Committee passes the marriage equality bill 5 to 2, following up on the Senate Judiciary Committee’s passage 8 to 4 last month. The next stop: The full New Jersey Senate will vote on the bill on Monday, February 13, time tba

Congratulation Garden State Equality! Let’s go New Jersey!  

Jan 24
“When you put on that uniform, it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white; Asian or Latino; conservative or liberal; rich or poor; gay or straight. When you’re marching into battle, you look out for the person next to you, or the mission fails. When you’re in the thick of the fight, you rise or fall as one unit, serving one Nation, leaving no one behind.”  Barack Obama, State of the Union Address  

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